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ok, so here is the deal. I've been w/ this girl for 3 months, and up until last week, it has been working out great.

This girl has an ex-boyfriend who just found a new girlfriend, and my girl told me that she is jealous. She claims that it is because he used to treat her really well, and she can't stand him treating another girl well.

ok, that is when my concern started.

then, she goes and talks to the guy for a long time for 3 straight days, and one morning, I surprise my girl, and find out that the guy has spend the night at her house. They slept on the same bed and claimed that they didn't do anything.

She tells me that she is lonely because she lives by herself, and since the guy is her friend, she let him stay w/ her....and I guess somehow, they both moved into the same bed.

ok, so I get concerened again.

then, up till now, my girl is going out of town to rent a car, and since she is not old enough to rent a car, she asked that guy to rent it for her, and he might even go with her. they will be visiting a friend and staying 2 nights out of town.

I tell her my concern and tell her why I"m wierd, and she says that nothing will happen. I"m trying to trust her, but the problem is that I keep refering back to the stuff that has already happened, and that just gets me boiling.

I know she wants to visit her friend, but I also know that she cannot take an 8 hour drive by herself, so in haste, I gave her my "permission" to go, but I also told her my concern.

I dont know the point of this thread, but I just don't know what to think.........I am stupid for letting her go, but I also want to keep her happy and be a good boyfriend.....

any replies to calm me down would be great.
[quote]Originally posted by Creeping Crud:
[b]Hey semidevil,

I'm not sure that my honest reply would calm you down.. It seems a little strange to me that as soon as her old boyfriend had a new girlfriend in his life, she decided to devote so much time to him.. Would you consider that unusual behavior or was it normal for her to spend a lot of time with him before she got jealous? Also, in reference to your last post, did she start ignoring you when you called before or after her jealousy reared its head?

Without the answer to those questions, I'm afraid that I can't be of much help..

Take Care,

that was before she got jealous.....I think befre the jealousy thing, she was still keeping in touch w/ that guy.....whether it be in person or online....

I guess there really is not much I can do now since I already "let my girlfriend go away w/ another guy for the weekend." But I guess even if I say no, she will not be happy anyways, so there is no point of getting so many people be upset.

Whatever happens happens, and I"m gonna try my best to adjust to it....

I just have a lot of stuff to think about right now, and need to get some out. I think my main concern is that she tells me that nothing will happen; she can say whatever she wants since she will be 8 hours away. If she comes back and says "nothing did happen," then I have no choice but to believe that nothing did happen. nothing I can do right now...feel kind of helpless actually.

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