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Hey blah2,

I'm not sure that she isn't over him now (depending on the extent of the problems in your current relationship).. Besides the fact that she mentions him from time to time, is she doing anything else that might lead you to believe that she needs time to get over him?

The people that we date (especially for a long time) tend to become a part of who we are just like our friends do.. She's not going to wake up one day and simply forget about him because he was obviously a very big part of her life.. But that certainly doesn't mean that she loves you any less or that she still hasn't gotten over her ex..

I guess a little bit more information would probably be helpful to give you proper advice, but a person can't generally pretend that a certain time in their life didn't exist.. Every boyfriend that I've had helped make me the person I am today, whether my experiences with them were good or bad..

And yes, there are times that I mention my former boyfriends, but I don't have any suspiciously deep feelings for them & I am completely over them.. They were just a part of my life at one point.. I experienced things with them, I learned things from them (both positive and negative) & my reminiscing is completely innocent.. I don't long for the days that I was with them, nor would I want to be with them again.. I'm perfectly happy with my life and head over heels in love with my fiance'..

I would really like to know whether her thoughts of her ex were actually interfering with your relationship or whether you just don't like to think of or hear about anything that happened while she was with her ex.. I can only speculate without more details..

Take Care,

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