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I agree with the last person that posted.....I don't think it's time to call it quits on this relationship just yet. It sounds to me like you are dating a guy who hasn't come out of his shell much. Now he's getting married and is realizing that he will never have the chance to go out and "hang with the guys." He probably went to the bar because it made him feel like he was sowing his wild oats a which case, I think having a few drinks with the guys is much better then him going to a strip club or doing drugs with a bunch of women you don't know. Is it possible he just wanted some relief from your situation a bit? Getting married and having a child are huge responsibilities, especially when you do them simultaneously. He's probably very overwhelmed by this and needs some sort of break. He probably doesn't realize you NEVER get a break from it!

As for the "other woman," it really doesn't sound to me like he was cheating on you. It seems that SHE is interested in him to a certain degree, but you never actually saw them kissing or anything, did you? The fact that he rode home with her (and insisted on sitting in the front seat) was probably more to get back at you for embarassing him then to spend time with this woman. And at the bar, it sounds like it was SHE who was coming on to him and he wasn't giving her too much back.

You were there and we weren't. If this looks like infidelity, drop him now! However, I would give him a chance to explain himself. Talk to him about the situation and apologize for spying on him and then embarassing him. Tell him that you've noticed things aren't the same, and ask why he's been acting this way. Try not to sound overly weepy, because he will totally shut down. Instead, approach it as something you are really concerned about, including your own apology while trying to find out what's been going on with him.

I hope it all works out for you! Obviously, if you find out he's been having an affair with this woman something has to happen here, but hopefully that isn't the case. Do some homework before you sever all your ties. Best wishes!

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