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Well I'm sitting here infuriated as I write this...I really don't know what to feel/think so any advice would be great! My boyfriend works at the mall, where a new girl just started working with him, Jenny. She's very attractive, but I'm pretty secure and I can handle that. So anyway I was at the mall today with my friend Anna. Anna hates Jenny, btw. And my bf calls my cell phone and asks where I am. I tell him I'm at the mall and he says "Well are you gunna come say hello?" So we walked over to see him and Anna started staring at Jenny and I was like "Oh god don't start anything" and I guess he caught on and he was like REALLY loud just to be obnoxious "What problem do you have w/Jenny?!?!" So I gave him a look and walked away. We came back a few minutes later and he did the same thing!

I'm extremely FURIOUS with the whole situation. I feel like if I take time out of what I'm doing to see him he could be a little nicer to me, and not make a fool out of me in front of some girl I don't even know. To him it's just a joke, he won't understand why I'm mad. And then I have this thought in the back of my head..that he was flirting with her. GURR..

Sorry it's so long..I'd appreciate any advice!

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