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Re: Love and war
Jul 5, 2003
hi again...sorry to hear you are back in step with me again...i'm doing okay at the moment...lance on the other hand is not :( i got a letter from him on thursday saying he thinks this separation is putting too much of a strain on our relationship and he wants me to move with him to tech school...he says, yeah if i stayed here to save money, it would be nice...but money means nothing if we are i am even more confused about what to do than ever...i think i might stay separated until he's been in tech a couple of weeks and if we are both still taking it rough, then we'll make arrangements for me to go down there...his school is in wichita falls...i've never been to texas anyhow, these last few days have been even more stressful than's rough for us to discuss this when we can only write letters back and forth and his phone calls are never over ten minutes....i actually haven't talked to him on the phone since last thursday...really hoping he calls this weekend...i really hope you are not as miserable as long is your boyfriend gone this time...hopefully not for over a year...i'll keep in touch and let you know how i'm doing from time to's been over three weeks since my hubby left...
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