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Okay, here goes. I'm having a bit of a problem with myself and it's driving me crazy!! About 2 months ago I was dating someone I had met at work - we had been hanging out for about 3 months and then decided to give the good old relationship a try. One of the last times we went out, I met one of his friends who seemed pretty cool....then my "boyfriend" started acting weird not long after that and like 2 weeks after we had the relationship "talk" he just stopped calling and after a while I stopped trying to get a hold of him too. It was over. I was mad, but I got over it. Then, actually before I even knew it was over for sure, said friend started calling me. First he asked what was going on with me and the other guy, cause he had heard some rumors....we talked about it...(it was a LOOOOONG story)...he told me what I already suspected...and once it was clear that it was over, this new guy made it clear that he was calling me because he wanted to date me. So I said sure, why not...he seemed cool, I thought it might be fun. Now we have been together about a month now...we did sleep together soon after getting together...and here's where the problem comes in. He is a great guy - treats me royally as much as he can, says all the things you could ever want to hear, is just a nice guy. I don't know how else to describe it. As for looks, I wasn't immediately attracted to him but he is pretty cute. So....please explain why I just don't seem to like him that much?!! No, it's not even that...I like him, but on a completely different level than he likes me. He is 26 and I am 23...I think that, and from things he says, he is possibly ready to settle down. And I am just not. Or maybe I am, but not with him. I don't know. Like I said , from things he says he is way more serious than I am, and I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to let him go cause I have no one else around me right now that I can even hang out with, and I love the way he treats me - and who doesn't like feeling wanted and that someone really likes you, right? But I don't want to lead him on. I just don't see him as the type I could marry. I do'nt know what it is - there's just something in me that's saying no. But like I said, I don't want to quit yet! Maybe I will grow to like him even more? Or maybe I'm kidding myself. I just need some advice, other people's opinions on this. Cause I do'nt know what to do and my friends haven't been much help cause they don't know either. And for some reason, someone smack me please!, I still think about the other guy from time to time and FOR SOME REASON I think I liked him more and he didn't treat me nearly as well!! Sure we had a great time together - and never did anything sexual, in fact only made out once during those 2 weeks we were "dating" and some peck kisses...that's it. And I did see him once after the whole he-stopped-calling thing, it's over and we're cool but not relaly friends (unfortunately). But WHY would I feel like I like him more when the new guy is so much better to me. I AM SO CONFUSED!!! Sorry for the caps and that this is so long....I need help! Any advice?? Anyone? There's probably more I could say but this is long enough for now...please help, any advice would really be appreciated! :)

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