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Hey, everyone!

I've been gone for about a month on an expedition through England! Right before I left, I broke up with my boyfriend because I was so unhappy... he had been spending more time with his (female) friends than me (one in particular, he stayed over at her house, took a secret trip to the beach, etc.), and even though I know they didn't "cheat" on me, he led her on with all the attention and it really hurt my feelings at how little of a priority I, the girlfriend, was to him.

So I broke up with him and went away.

He emailed me long, lamenting emails the entire time I was gone. When I asked him to stop, he just started sending me poems he'd written. Mind you-- even though I was unhappy during our relationship, I loved him very much. Whenever we were together, we had a GREAT time: amazing chemistry, no fighting, always laughter. It was when we were apart that I could not truly trust him to still be part of a couple, if that makes any sense. So these emails really were hard on me. I couldn't resist reading them, and I began to write back, explaining why I broke up with him.

Now I'm back, and he's trying really hard to get back together. In a sense, he's fighting for me-- he's saying and doing all the things I wanted him to do when we were together. He's promised to change, to take care of all the women who have made me upset, and to be a much better boyfriend.

Here's the kicker: while I was gone, he flew to visit the girl I was talking about in the first paragraph (because she was also away-- only instead of England, she was in Texas). This obviously hurt me when I discovered it, and makes me still doubt his pleas of change.

What do you think I should do?

Thanks so much for any advice and for reading this LONG message!!

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