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I had it. After years of forgiving my BF for little lies here and there and lying that he lied by saying he was sleepy and nodding off and didn't know what he said (he wasn't nodding off) and feeling that I'm on my high horse by constantly picking at him (because I asked him about an inconsistant story) I broke it off completely and told him to drop dead because many, MANY times he gave me something to believe in by telling me no more mind games, etc., only to leave me crushed after spending a whole weekend of bliss only to end it with another one of his stupid stories that always change. I'm hurting so bad, but am mostly angry at being in denial that this would keep on probably forever. Well, since he's not going to change, guess I'll have to - and I've been in bed for the past three days sick from depression but am realizing that I can't accept dishonesty any longer.

How would you feel?? Would you break it off completely or give him another chance (after 3 years of doing this). :(

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