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Hi everyone...Well, I am kind of bummed! Well, upset I guess! My fiancee and I live together and we have a 2 year old daughter. Last night while we were having dinner he told me about his day at work...he said he went out with a couple of other male co-workers at lunch...after that they went to Starbucks and there he said he saw a HOT, gorgeous 'chick'! He said 'she was about 5'2' (i am 5'2') with a tan, long dark hair (which I have too by the way) and a modelesque body, she was wearing a white spaghetti strap dress...' He never tells me that I look good EVER! I don't think he would ever remember what I was wearing! I am always dolled up for HIM! Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn;t mind if he had just left the story at 'I saw a chick that looked like a model' but it just disgusted me when he went into all the detail you know? When we are out every man (any age) takes a second look at me so I know I am far from being unattractive. So my question is, why would he say something like that to me? Does he think I am his friend? It just hurts when you think someone is the world to you and the feeling isn't mutual...I would never talk about seeing a hot dude to him because I know he wouldn't feel too good...I don't know! Maybe I am just overreacting huh? :(

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