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I'm sorry if this is long but I will do my best to explain my situation. I appreciate anyone who gives me advice as this is tearing me apart.

Okay, so I dated this guy Joe, for 2 and a half months and I thought I was falling in love with him. We were very close. I also lost my virginity to him. I broke up with him because my ex boyfriend, Jesse of almost 3 years ago started talking to me. I didn't break up with Joe right away. I miss Jesse.

We weren't together very long and the reason why we broke up is unfair. I was very sick and I ended up moving, not being able to get ahold of him because I was hospitalized/had to have surgery. A mutual friend of ours called me and told me he wanted to break up with me, and she called him and told him I wanted to break up with him. Neither of us wanted this but we dealt with it and moved on.

Jesse lives with a friend of mine, Carrie. I went and stayed over there and of course, Jesse and I talked about getting back together. He told me that he missed me and wanted to be with me. I couldn't help myself, all my feelings were coming back and that pushed my boyfriend Joe to the side. I called Joe the next day and broke it off with him because what I am doing is unfair.

I stayed with Jesse again and even though we aren't a couple, I slept with him twice and now that I've broke up with Joe, he knows I've slept with Jesse and is very jealous. He was always a jealous boyfriend but he told me he has to come and see me and we have to work this out. I have told him time and time again over the last couple days that I'm not even sure if I want to be in a relationship, with him or Jesse. I can't hurt him more than I already have but I feel like he has a constant urge to be up my butt.

I didn't answer my cell phone this morning at 7:30 when he called (who calls that early anyways) so he called my 13 year old sister and told her that I cheated hom him and thought I was pregnant and that I didn't know who the father was. I never told him I thought I was pregnant.

I want to be with Jesse but I don't want Joe to know. I have explain to Joe that I don't want to be with him and that I need time alone. He is still pressuring me to talk and I don't know how to make him stop. He's even called my dad and left messages for me because I avoid answering his calls. PLEASE PLEASE help me, again I'm sorry this is so long.

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