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A game or real?
Jul 31, 2003
If a certain guy suddenly becomes more interested in you after you pretend that you are not really that interseted in them, meaning I asked this guy if I could set him up with a friend of mine... he got all upset and said that he thought we had something going... I said well we live 400 miles apart from each other so what could we possibly have and we hardly talk on the phone, i.e he never calls. He replied that whenever we meet we have something. But up until then, he didn't really talk to me over the phone, only when I'd call, probably becuase he knew I was so interested. Could this be the start of something or do you think he is not interseted and is just ego hurt that I was trying to set him up with someone else? A guys opinion would be nice. Thanks

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I have felt the way this guy probably feels but never showed it because I felt like a jerk for feeling that way. He probably is not interested in a relationship with you but relishes the attention because it's good for his self esteem. When he feels you're losing interest, it's like you're deflating his balloon. Don't give in to him. I would never tell a girl I was interested if I weren't, but it's possible this guy is different. His actions certainly don't show it. They just show an insecure guy looking for you to pump up his ego. Sorry, but that's my honest take on it and I could be wrong.

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