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I certainly don't have any magical words that will help solve your situation.
However, from an outsider's view, it's obvious you yourself know that your ex is never someone that you could spend the rest of your life with. You list his bad qualities and why it wouldn't work. Then you talk about your husband, and it's obvious the kind of man he is. I would venture to say he is what most women want in a guy. You seem to have got it made, if your ex was completely out of the picture.
YOu seriously need to find a way to get the idea out of your head, about your ex and his temptation. I'm not sure how to do that, but your marriage is depending on it.
Your husband doesn't deserve this, and this ex of yours doesn't seem to be too deserving of you.
Find some time to be alone and go through all the reasons why you love and married your man. How would you feel if you were on his side of the coin?

If you do have a fling with your ex, realize that it's probably just that- a fling. Is that one time really worth the destruction of a beatiful bond you have with the one who loves you and is willing to do what it takes to keep that fire going?
I wouldn't risk it. Leave the past in the past. You know what's right. ANd I definately know how it feels when your heart nad mind disagree, and you're left in that horribly confused state.

Good luck.

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