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I truly think it is a to each his own type situation. My husband didn't give me an engagement ring when we got engaged. He simply wrote in a letter how much he loved me and wanted to be with me and proceeded to ask me to marry him. I never did recieve an "engagement ring." I think that engagement is what you make of it. I mean we knew we going to get married and we knew when we were going to do it more or less. Or at least we thought we did. We ended up getting married eight months later instead of 2 years later. What I am trying to say is maybe all he knew in that moment is that he wanted to spend his life with you. And that is why he gave you the ring, to symbolize the fact that he is willing to spend his life with you. I am a firm believer that having a wedding just puts the piece of paper out there to make it legal to everyone else but I also believe in marriage of the heart. My grandmother and grandfather(god rest his soul)were not legally wedded until just a few years ago. They went through many years of just being married in there hearts, she called him her husband and he called her his wife. But they were not married really. So it is a matter of commitment and love and an understanding between the two people that matters most. Let me ask you this. Do you feel that you are married to him in your heart, that he is truly your husband no matter what a piece of paper says? If you do that is all that matters. I hope this has all made sense I am a little tired today. Blasted alarm clock didn't go off and now I was late for work, so I am just a little out of it. At any rate I hope this has helped. Give it a chance and ask him what his real intentions are with you. Let him know that you don't expect anything but you would like to know where he stands. That way he is free to speak openly and honestly. Good Luck

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