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DOnt understand
Aug 13, 2003
Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years. We have broken up before but they've only lasted a day, maybe two days the most. In the begining, he seldomly wanted to do stuff, just when we were getting to know each other..So I figured he probably feels I'm still a stranger to him. We finally started dating, and we started doing less and less, and got more intimate with each other, and everything seemed pretty good, we would even go to movies seldom, but usually once a month.

After dating for about a year and a half with continous day break ups, and fighting on the internet, (and his possessiveness getting worse), because he got mad when I went to the store, thinking I flaunt myself for other guys, which I seriously dont(just because I like to do my hair and makeup), other guys dont even go through my head, or when I do soemthing with my friends he doesnt trust me at all...we broke up one day and I went to the movies with my cousin and met a guy, and he kissed me. After that I lied to my boyfriend about stuff, but he soon found out, and it all came out. That has been almost 5 months ago, and he is even more possessive, and at the same time he wont let me go anywhere, and calls me a slut(i dont run around and party, never been drunk or high,and have only been with him), and only ever wants to go to his house, where we obviuosly have sex, and thats the ONLY thing we ever do anymore...never wants to come to my house to visit me(behalf that my parents think there is something wrong with him), shop, go out to eat, go to a movie, go to the park, i mean we live in a boring town and there is only so much to do, but the things that we can do he just wont do.

ONly his house, and all we do is have sex, i mean I cant go on much longer, im stuck in my house all day, and then when I want to go plan something with him its only his bedroom and sex, every other night, when we plan on doing things.

But when I try to tell him that he is going to have to start doing something with me, instead of sex, and his four walls in his bedroom, because I mean I love him more than anything but he wont budge to go anywhere....And he always tells me "fine go find someone else that is more exciting than me since u dont like me cuz im boring"...and thats not it, and it gets so frustrating, beccause its not like that I love him, and want to spend time doing everything with him, not just sex, or his house all the time. He also never calls me, I ask him to call my phone house or cell phone, and neither...He also never wants to go out where there is going to be a lot of people....Ive said maybe u need a counselor and he gets all pissed at me.

I am sorry this is so long, but this has been going on for more than a year, and even got worse after I lied to him, which I thought was going to be finally it between us because he just wouldnt get his ass up and do anything with me. But i love him too much to just leave him.He even got me a ring, and says im the world to him, and its me that keeps him going...

I just dont understand why he wont do other things with hes embarassed of me or something:-\

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