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I want some opinions on whether I should confront my (ex?) boyfriend about our apparent break up or if I should wait until he contacts me. Yes, he just blew me off and I am expecting to hear from him eventually but I don't know. I know it is probably best to just move on and forget about him but i am the type of person that needs completion. Last time I talked to him we were going to meet up but both ended up having to work, no fights ever. I still care for him and I am not going to fight with him.
He is not returning my calls and doesn't live near me. What do you all think I should do? Just go over there? write him a letter (but I may never get a reply)? wait for him to contact me and try to forget him? Or just assume I will never hear from him and forget about it? but I know unresolution will get to me!
I know the guy is a jerk already, how should I deal with this unconfronted assumed break up disapppearance thing?!

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