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Rose, everyone has good and bad qualities, in short
no one is perfect. What matters in the long run is
are you able to live with both the good and bad?

Like you, I have a strong personality - if guys let
me run over them I would - but I lost respect for
them eventually. My husband is quite different
from me personality wise, but what works for us
is he lets me have my space and I let him have his.
Our nextdoor neighbor is a psychologist (lived here
24 years) and one day he made the comment that we
were both too independant!! Well, that is the only
way I am able to live, can't stand someone smothering
me - my husband is the same way so we get along great.

I can't tell if your boyfriend is the perfect match
for you and most likely you can't either at this
point in time. Stay on good terms with your parents,
don't let this relationship drive a wedge between you.
You can be upfront with them and maybe even teach
them a few things about having grown up children.
My children have taught me a great deal - what a
switch. It may take a while for your parents to
get used to the idea that their little girl is grown
up - but hopefully they will get there oneday.

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