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It sounds like for some reason, maybe nothing to do with you personally, your girlfriend needs to date others.
She was 20 or 21 when you started dating, right?
It is a for real truth that not every relationship ends in marriage, and, in addition to that, just because Someone is the Right One for you doesn't mean you always end up being the Right One for them..

Can you talk to her rationally and ask if she would like to see the two of you date other people for a specified period of time? For safety's sake it would be wise to both promise not to sleep with others until it is decided what the both of you want at the end of that time.

There have been other strings on here about people who can't forgive their spouses for infidelities.
(Keep in mind that the two of you are not married, not engaged(?))
If you even suspect that you would patch things up and then never be able to put this episode behind you, that you might bring it up over the years and clobber her with it emotionally, please let her go now...

I'm not discounting your pain and feelings of betrayal. But I do know that after a relationship of 2 1/2 years ended for me (he cheated), I met the man that I have been married to for 14 years.

Fate has a strange way of setting you off on a different path sometimes so that you will end up where you need to be...

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