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thank you all for replying.
jojo1972- you are right. i have stayed around (at first) because when things were good between us, they were great. he treated me like a queen, but boy when things got ugly, they really got ugly. i had hoped we could get past those ugly times and work on our "wonderful" times, but then "SHE" happened, and then i thought "well, 3 years is a long time, it was his first mistake, i'll let it go and move on". FAT CHANCE! lol, i think i'm more hurt and angry now, than i was when i first found out. and now its the wondering "hmmmm, i wonder what other things he's done that i don't know about" or "how many more lies are there that he's told me". i think i finally "woke up" about 6 months ago and realized i really needed to get out of this, and started saving money about 3 months ago. hopefully by october i'll have enough to leave. thank you again, and have a great day! God bless. :)

girlygirly- i feel the same way. i have finally taken more than i can handle. for years i was blinded by my own ignorance, and never realized i was in an abusive relationship.... untill about a year and a half ago. my eyes finally opened and i realized all of those wonderful things we used to share really weren't that wonderful, and all of those "happy" times i kept remembering, weren't really happy. he broke down my spirit, made me feel like i was nothing without him, truely convinced me that i mistreated him, and thats why he left me, BUT HE LOVED ME AND THATS WHY HE CAME BACK. now i know thats B.S, but back then it made sense for some reason. it was almost as though he had me brainwashed. makes no sense now that i look back, but back then it made all the sense in the world. thank you for replying, and have a great day! God bless. :)

hoosierbj- its amazing what we do for "love". i honestly used to believe he was my soulmate, and now it ticks me off so bad to think that i put my kids and myself through all this crap..... FOR NOTHING. i truely do hope and pray that one day i find my "special" someone, but sometimes i worry that because of who and what i am today (mean, sarcastic, impatient, angry, b*tchy, rude, etc) that i will end up scaring him away. its even worse when you don't know if its your illness (bipolar)that makes you the way you are, him that made you this way, or a combination of both..... all i know is i can't even stand myself anymore, so i'd drive a good man away fast. congratulations on meeting your husband.... its nice to know there still are good men out there. hopefully i'll be there one day. thank you and have a great day! God bless. :)

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