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My boyfriend is going to his best friends wedding, who's fiance (Whom he does not like, and does not want them to get married) is best friends with his ex. Hes going to be staying at his ex-g/f's house (Where the wedding is at) and bringing his old computer to her, which she is buying. Plus he bought her a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and printer to go along with it. It bothers me that he went all out to get all this stuff for her, and stay at her house. Plus, hes pretty cheap, and never buys expensive things, yet hes selling her his computer for cheap.

Maybe I'm just exagerating too much, but it bother me that hes going to be spending so much time with her, and went out of his way just for her.

i agree with everyone here. there is no way i'd allow my boyfriend to stay at his ex's house...... nope, no way at all. buying all that stuff for her seems a bit odd too, but thats just my opinion. if i was in your shoes it would put some really bad thoughts in my head as to what was going on... but again, thats just me. if i was you i'd talk to him about your feelings... ALL OF THEM, and hold nothing back. you are his girlfriend, and your feelings should matter enough to him that he listens to what you have to say. i wish you alot of luck, keep us posted, and take care of yourself. God bless! :)

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