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Me and my girlfriend are both at college now. We trust each other completely, or at least we did. But last night we were talking and she mentioned something about her friend (who has a boyfriend) wanted to makeout with some guy. Apparently my girlfriend doen't consider kissing another guy when drunk cheating. She said that it would just be a mistake and nothing really to make a big deal about, because it doesn't mean anything. I don't agree, I think that kissing is the most true sign of affection. I personally would never even have the desire to kiss somebody other than her, because I love her, and I see kissing as a sign of that love. I ind of feel like she is just trying to justify it in her own mind in case it happens to her. Now, I know that it isn't really something I'd break up with her over, if it was a one time mistake, but I would definitly be really hurt. I don't know, I don't understand why girls think that it's okay for that to happen when they are drunk, and why it happens so much. Like, I know no matter how drunk I was, I would never even consider kissing anyone else. I'm kinda rambling on sorry, but anyways, what is everyone elses opinion on this?

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