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Hard times....
Aug 31, 2003
My gma found out about me and my bofriend having sex.. and says I am too young, and rushing things. She is very pessimistic, and my bfs family is completely opposit of mine. They are open, communitive, and optimistic. My family fights all the time, pessimistic, snobbish, and looks down on anything sexual out of wedlock (we're catholic too).

I cried my heart out the whole day after being yelled and screamed at and down for what I did. Instead of my gma keeping it to herself and waiting for a private talk with me when I got home from school. Instead she bursted out cursing, and screaming, and told everyone in my family. Its so embarrasing, and I feel so sick, and depressed. My dad who lives over seas, said that he didnt care what I did with my sex life, and it was my own personal business, and was mad at the way my gma handled it, and we got my pictures, and papers signed for a passport for me to go live with him.

Right now, I have been lieing and sneaking to see my boyfriend(but its better than moving half way around the world til June), and my gma told my bfs family that if he talked to me she would have him arrested for statutory rape. I am 17 and he is 18, and will be 19 end of december. Everything on the internet has different ages for stat.rape.

I cry all the time, and told my gparents that I love my bofriend, and that she should be happy she raised someone that is a loveable caring person, enough to make someone else have those same feelings. She said I was young and nieve, and had a whole world of guys I could pick out of, instead of this "loser". My bf has never been arrested, doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, dont do drugs, the only thing that makes hima loser in her eyes, is that he went to homeschool, then private school, just because his gparents didnt agree witht he public school system.

My 14 year old sister is seeing a 18 year old freshmen, and my gma lets her all ebcause he is on the varsity basketball team, and goes to public school.

My gma also pushes me more than what I can do and expects more from me than I can do, and compares me with her friends kids and grandkids all the time, just beacuse i didnt try out for poms or im not on honor society like all her friends kids.

I beleive I am mature enough to make the desicion of sex with my two year boyfriend, we even talk about the important issues of pregnancy, and what to do if i did get pregnant...and in that case his whole family would help me, and help take care of the baby.
I am no longer able to see my boyfriend either, everything hurts my head, and I cant think straight either.

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