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Leave this guy before he totally breaks the last bit of our courage and your self esteem. These guys don't give. THEY TAKE and TAKE

He might have promised you your house and your "safety" but he'll never follow through. He'll take you looking honey, but never sign on the dotted line. Before too long, he'll take away that promise too. (believe me) it might not be today (if he wants you around longer than today), but he will take that from you as well.

The fact that he would actually THINK THAT YOU WOULD give him utility bills to cover his ass is so dispicable its insane. How someone could justify putting that humiliation to someone else shows how much he loves you. HE DOESN'T

This guy thinks he has no issues. You'll walk and he'll go on and on about what a "bi#$#" you and and he'll never ever realize that it was him that pushed you away. (well, he might but it will be too late by then anyways.)

Leave before you get resentful of this guy. He'll never change himself. Have you seen any proof of his intentions? other than covering his ass?

probably not..

He'll never go to counselling because he thinks he's fine. Its always someone else with the problems. Not him. I would suggest that you do in order to "de-brief" yourself from this crap he's putting you through. And your children. Think of them?

He obviously doesn't care about them being un-insured so why would he care about your being a single mother with 2 kids having to pay for HIS SAFETY. RED FLAG

Relationships take 2 people to make them work and 2 people to make them break and he's too insecure, blind sided and only looking out for number 1, (him) to give a crap about you or your children.

You deserve way way better than this.

Do you want to always be looking over your shoulder? making sure you don't make him upset? always wondering what's gonna happen next year. Living your life on promises if only you would...(fill in the blank. I'm sure you've heard them all from this creep anyways.)

This guy is UNREASONABLY paranoid, controlling and has obviously deep seated anger problems. He's projecting his low self worth onto you and expecting you to pat him on the back for doing such a good job? DON'T believe for a second that your being frightened about your past deserves and justifies this treatment. It doesn't. He knows its wrong. That's why he doesn't want to discuss it in counselling.

Any MAN would look after you and your children's best interests at ALL times. They sure wouldn't be "in and out" of wanting to look after them or you. I'm sure you've heard him *****ing about ACTUALLY looking after his step kids.(when you moved in together, he ASSUMED the role, just didn't follow through with it. Why else could he possibly LIVE WITH HIMSELF knowing that the kids don't have insurance.

Get a guy with a heart, wondering. This guy isn't it.

He'll be alone for the rest of his life with his assets and his PETS. He'll never have a life cause he's not prepared to give up his fears to do so.

I was that guy, wondering and I'm at least thankful that I can prevent someone else from putting a HUMAN BEING through what I did.

He is a control freak and he is also insecure,

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