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Healthy Relationship Quiz

1. Is your boyfriend extremely jealous or possessive? Does he accuse you of flirting or cheating on him? Does he constantly check up on you or always make you check in with him? He accuses me of looking at other guys...he ALWAYS makes me check in with him..and he threatens to check up on me or have people check but hasnt yet.

2. Does he tell you how to dress or how much makeup to wear? yep both.

3. Does he try to control what you do and who you see? Does he try to keep you from seeing or talking to your family and friends? he controls what i see like tv and stuff...he lets me hang out wit my friends if he is with me..he makes a BIG deal i chill wit my friends without him

4. Does he have big mood swings where one minute he is angry and yelling at you, and the next minute he is sweet and apologetic and says he canít live without you? Do you often feel like youíre "walking on eggshells" around him? yep i deff ALWAYS feel like that and that ALWAYS happens

5. Does he put you down or criticize you and make you feel like you canít do anything right or that no one else would want you? yeah before i went out with him i always heard about guys thinking i was cute but now that i started going out wit him he always tells me his friends think im ugly and stuff.

6. Does he yell, grab, shove, punch, slap, hold you down, throw things or hurt you in any way?
never...he never touches me like that
7. Does he threaten to hurt you or somebody you care about (like himself, your family, your friends or your pets)?
yea he has threatend to beat up some of my guy friensd
8. Does he force or pressure you into having sex or going further than you want to? no never hes really respectable everythings my desicion

If you answered yes to some of these questions, your relationship may not be as healthy as you deserve.

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