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Whoa!!! Get out now! I agree with the other post, that he is not just overprotective, he is a psycho! Just because a past girlfriend treated him badly, does not make him this way. He has major issues that will not go away if you follow his "rules". Now, he controls you by not letting you wear makeup, or cute clothes (he wont let you watch tv? Give me a break!); someday he will never let you see your friends or family. If you stay with him he will take control of your whole life. NO ONE has the right to tell you what to do! Do you really want to live that way, is he really worth it. I hope your answer is HELL NO! My ex was also "overprotective". After our first week of going out he told me that he had "spies" all over school, so I wouldn't misbehave. After 3 years together he hit me for accidently bumping his car door into another. He also hit me so hard a second time (for no reason) that I flew across the room. He broke up with me because I wouldn't move out with him. Only by the grace of God did I get out. He made me a timid person, I never would have left him. Does that sound normal? It isn't and what this jerk is doing to you is horrible. Please have respect for your life, because he doesn't, and get out!

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