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Yoopergirl, like your boyfriend I need some time to myself. Not everyone understands this but alone time is when you get your thinking done, recharge your batteries and just do what you want to do. Fortunately my husband understands this and likes his time alone also, for example he plays guitar - if he plays loud then it interferes with what I might be doing or it just gets on my nerves. I like to read, he knows I don't like to be interrupted. We have worked these things out. He built himself a room over our garage and he can go out there and make all of the noise he wants - I get to be alone in the house which is a great treat for me. Sometimes after working all week I don't want to go anywhere or do anything, but give me a little alone time to recharge and I am ready to go again.

Here is how we solved the football issue - we have football parties. We invite the wives and girlfriends along - I personally hate watching football, but my husband likes to so we make it a social occaision. There are always people there that are not totally wrapped up in the game, we eat and talk and generally just have a good time. The party is not always at our house, we have a group of friends and we sort of take turns.

Remember, just because your guy likes some time to do things with his friends doesn't mean he doesn't love you - it will make both of you happier if you continue to have interests that you may or may not share. Two people that are together 24/7 with no outside interest get pretty bored with each other, doesn't mean that you don't love each other but you will both have things to talk about when you are together. Keeps life interesting.

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