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My boyfriend just broke up with me 3 days ago after almost five years together. He broke up with me in a text message on my cellphone. We are both 20 and are somewhat ready for different things. He is already working and making great money. I am a student working for a degree in Elementary Education. He is in the process of buying a house in an area that is farther away than where we live than I like. I don't like this place and he knew it before he bought it. A few months ago he gave me an ultimatum, I either come live with him or we are through. I didn't want to lose him, so I said okay. A few days later I told him I wasn't ready. We got in a huge fight and since then our relationship has been up and down. He broke up with me the other day like a coward, he could'nt even tell me to my face. He said he was sick of the games. That day I went over to his apartment and he was just coming home. He was talking on his cell, when I knocked on his door he didn't answer and I heard him saying things like, "ahhh" and "when can I call you". He may have seen me and was playing a cruel joke on me or he has already found another girl. Does it sound like he was looking for someone else before we broke up? Also, If he loved me enough shouldn't he have waited for me, or should I if I loved him enough just moved in with him?

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