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Hello everyone !

Thhis is my first post ... I kinda know the answer, but needed some input.

I had been dating this guy for 4 months ... he had been showing jealous signs about a month into the relationship.

I am 34 he is 30 ... I was his FIRST girlfriend ever.

We went out to eat dinner and his waiter friend was working that night ... He knew him for a long time, I had only known him a few months.

The greasy little guy ( the waiter ) came over to say hello to us .. we had not seen him in a few weeks.

My (ex) boyfriend shook his hand ... as I was awkwardly squatting in the booth, I put my hand out for a shake.

Well, the jerk grabbed my hand and pulled my in for a kiss .. I turned my head twice to avoid him, but he weasled in and got a peck in on the lips. YUCK !!!!!

I said to my guy, that I felt degraded and was in shock ...

Much to my disbelief, my (ex) boyfriend blamed me and said that if I really loved him then I should have gotten out of the kiss !!!

I burst into tears and told him that the waiter got me so fast, I could not have gotten out of his lunge.

He said that he never wants to see me again because I kissed some other guy in front of him and that he can not trust me.

I never , never would have cheated on him ... I love(d) him and thought the world of him.

In your opinion is this guys nuts ??? ...

Oh, a tidbit of info ... his Mom and Dad have cheated on each other.

Thanks for all your answers !!!

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