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Weird Relationship
Sep 14, 2003
My boyfriend and I have had kind of an off and on relationship for several months now. It is built on physical attraction and not much else. He has lived on his own for a few years and is used to his independence. Sometimes we see each other frequently, then we start getting close, and he pulls away. We've gone a week or two at a time without talking. Things were going well, then earlier this month I had sinus surgery. He called me afterwards to make sure I was ok and to see if I needed anything. He said he would call again in a couple of days to check on me. It's been a little over a week, and he still hasn't called. Granted, I've been out alot for the past few days because I'm recovering from surgery well and want to be active. I know my boyfriend is busy with his work and he owns a farm, so he's busy with that, but I don't understand why he acts like he really cares one minute, then he doesn't seem to care at all. We can go for two weeks without talking, then all of a sudden he calls wanting to see me. The relationship now is more based on sex than anything else. We talk a little, then have sex, then he goes home. I was fine with this, but now I'm starting to get emotional. I'm really attracted to him and I like him very much. I know he likes me, but I don't understand this hot and cold attitude of his. I don't think he's seeing someone else. I think alot of the time he's just tired from working that he doesn't want to put the effort in. I'm feeling really down right now. I want to know if this kind of relationship is normal - is anyone else in the same kind of relationship and can deal with it? I left a message on his answering machine a little while ago because usually when he says he's going to call, he does. I hope he is ok - with him, you never really know. He will probably see this as being needy, and not call me for awhile. I really can't understand him, I swear. Are all men like this?? I have not had enough long-term relationship experience to know, but at least the men I dated before actually had some emotional feelings. I keep thinking that this guy will change, but as soon as we get close, he stops talking to me. I don't know what to do. :(

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