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Re: Confused
Sep 16, 2003
I really don't think that Chad is gay. I mean the thought has crossed my mind, but in more of a jokeing way to make myself feel better. He has had girlfriends in the past. In fact his last girlfriend cheated on him, and when he questioned her about it she punched him in the face and broke his nose. I don't know the whole stroy, but it does make me wonder why she would hit him. Maybe he has some issues with women because of this. No, I am almost 100% certain that he isn't gay. I know that he likes girls with dark hair because he thinks that they are more "mysterious". I really do think that he might have feelings for me, but other times I am not so sure. He will be hot and then he will be cold. I did bring up the fact that he doesn't walk me to the door, and he said something along the lines of "why, is that where all the kissing and hugging takes place? Well I'll have to remember that for sure next time." I know that this sounds like a thumbs up, but it is really hard to tell if he is being serious or not. He likes to joke around and kid alot...and isn't always the most serious person. So it is really hard to tell if he means it or if he is just trying to be funny. I just don't know sometimes. And I also wonder because if he just wanted to be my friend... why does he call me every night? Hmmmm. Anyway, maybe i'll just wait and see how our next "date" goes. Still open for any suggestions or input! Thanks!

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