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Rosie, I,too, broke up with my girlfriend of 17 months. But it only lasted a week. She has many "guy" friends, and I have accepted that. I won't go into "my" details of our conflict, but rest assured, it did work out. Many different people(in the "relationship issues" posts) told me to do the same thing these people have been telling you to do-"Just end it, and it will eventually get better. It is all for the best." Every person on this planet is different. Just because one lady's man cheated on her, doesn't mean that your's is. Even if it is the similar circumstances. You "have" only been together for 7 months, so if you are SURE that he is NOT cheating on you, then I think it is worth sticking it out for a while longer to see what, or if anything great comes out of it. My woman and I have a much closer, and stronger relationship now. I think that it took, "us realizing that we might be making a huge mistake by ending it", for us to come together stronger. We both know that we are the right ones for each other. Every relaionship has it's hard points. RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD!! But if you can stick it out through the hard times and make it work, there is nothing like the love that you share.
Try reading "The Four Agreements", it might offer some great insight for you.

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