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I really dont know what to do or why Im feeling like this but I would really appreciate your guys input.Ok,Ive been going out with this guy for about 2 weeks,hes really cool,hangs out with all the people I do and he treats me really well,calls whenever he says he will,compliments me,listens.Hes everything I could ever ask for and more.But theres one thing that I for some reason cant forget.Last night he told me that he used to be fat as a kid,and I mean 200 pounds when he was in the fifth grade.He talked alot about it and then we got to talking about relationships and I told him that in all my life I had never wanted a relationship becuase I just didnt see the point of one and then he said "well,I did,I wanted a girlfriend...desperately" This makes me feel like just a girl to him and that he doesnt really care about me as a person but just as someone thats there.I cant seem to let go of this.Hes not fat anymore and hes good looking now but I just cant seem to let go of this.He treats me so good but I dont know if I want to be with him.What should I do?

Peace,Im out

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