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Unique, I am probably older than your own mother so the opionion I express will not be the one you may want to hear.

Everyone is curious about sex when they are young, the hormones are raging and it is hard to control.
Since you have only been going out for two weeks I think it is way too soon to be thinking about having sex with him. You haven't told us your age but I am assuming you are in your mid-teens. Here is a worst case scenerio for you - you have sex with this guy that you have been going out with for two weeks, it may last another two weeks, it may last years, but usually teen romances are short lived. You could get pregnant, are you willing to risk that? Even with protection it is always a possiblilty.

Here is another thing to consider before you go ahead and do it. If this 2 week relationship breaks off in a short while and you start seeing someone else and have sex with them in two weeks and that breaks off, then you see someone else - those numbers could add up pretty quickly. If you had 10 boyfriends per year that lasted 2 weeks, in 5 years that is 50 guys and you are most likely only 20 years old. Those numbers might be a little radical but it could happen. By the time you are ready to settle down and get married or have an exclusive relationship your reputation could precede you. No guy wants to date, take that back, they like to date loose women, they just don't like having them as their significant other. Think of the diseases you could get.

Here is some old advice: never sleep with someone that you may not want to be involved with for the rest of your life. Not married, but involved with, there could be a pregnancy as unplanned as it could be.

Maybe try posting this to the teen health board, they may be able to give you some younger views. Since you live in a small town (you said there was not much to do) word gets around fast - think of all the gossip you have heard, true or not the word spreads quickly. Try not being alone, have a group of people in to watch movies, go bowling, go to a movie and then go home, join your churches youth group. There are many things to do other than sex - even though we feel physically able to have sex the mental part is harder to live with. Picture your Dad catching you ever time you are tempted, that should put a cold damper on things.

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