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You cannot help a person with drinking or drugs unless they want to be helped. Since he does not have a job I would consider taking the car back since he is risking the lives of many people when you allow him to drive under the influence. If he wants to borrow the car for a night that is different but "permanently" letting him borrow the when he has no job just doesen't make sense to me. Where is he getting the money for gas and insurance for the car? Is his allowance that big that he can afford all of this plus his drug habit too? Openly offer to get him help to kick his drug habit but if he refuses don't push the issue. I am going to tell you 2 stories about drug users that you can feel free to pass on to your son during your discussions. A life long friend of mine smoked pot for years. When he was in 6th or 7th grade he tested out to be a very gifted person basically one who could well have been a genius. After high school when I went on vacation to visit him and his girlfriend it was sad to see how much of his knowledge he had already lost due to pot killing off so many of his brain cells. The second story has a sadder ending. My husbands brother abused drugs and wound up losing his own business as well as distancing himself from his family. When he finally kicked the habit and decided to get help it was wonderful. He was given medication to help control the flashbacks etc and he was a wonderful person to get to know. When he skipped his medication you could tell in an instant as his whole attitude and behavior changed. In November of 1989 he stopped taking his medication and his mind went haywire. He became paranoid without his medication and wound up commiting suicide on December 28 of that year. Even though he had quite taking illicit drugs for quite a the end they still wound up killing him do to the flashbacks. Please tell your son that even though he thinks he can control it and that nothing will happen that something most definately can happen even once you stop doing drugs. If he says he can control it please tell him that that is what my brother in law always thought too didn't work.

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