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I tend to disagree with the other posters and these are my reasons why, basically i am in a similiar situation with the trust issues, my now ex says the same stuff to me , if you don't trust me than why stay or he doesnt have to proves himself to me.....First of all being that i like to think of myself as a strong smart minded women unfortunatley prior to meeting him i was in a horrible relationship one that i let down my guards went against my perception and trusted this guy who turned out to be the biggest pathelogical liar on the planet earth, i again 1 year and a half entered into this present relationship and i really have to tell you that sometimes i would like to shut off my thinking process but i trust myself when it comes to knowing situations...In my world actions speak louder than words......If you are feeling that he isnt on the up and up well then he probably isnt, youc an stay with him and have a life of "catch me if you can" and be a dectective or you can move on and realize that the relationship is way to toxic for you ,,,sometimes loving a person isnt enough......My ex just got divorced 2 days ago i met him when he was legally separated and he came on very strong , charming and wanted to be in love as time went on i fell in love too, he tried so hard to get my guards down and now 9 months later i am in a bad place fact i just called my doctor and asked for zoloft which i never thought i would ever need but my biggest happiest day right now would be too forget the day i met him...He basically mind F*cks me daily , if he see's im losing interest in comes on strong , when i first met him and he told me why his wife wanted to leave him one of the reasons was she accused him of having an affair that he denies and that all he ever did was work hard for his family , that stayed in my head but i gave him a chance not bringing in any of my baggage of distrust, but when a person doesnt back up there words to me and there actions tell me otherwise i can not deal with it
believe me im in pain right now because i do love him but i dont want him and its breaking the connection with him and thats what i am trying to do as i write..The problem is he works across the street from me and hopefully with in the next few months (construction) will be over and he will leave the site knowing he is across the street from me gives me anxiety but im hoping with taking this zoloft temperarily it will advice is to try and have confidence in your ability to perceive a situation believe in yourself , if something isnt right than your probably right
Good Luck

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