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Listen, I know you said that everything is fine in your marital relationship, but take a step back and really look at things objectively.

Is the relationship lacking sexually? Be honest with yourself she or has she been complaining at all about frequency of sex or lack of intimacy or bordom in the bed room? The flirting on line is purely an outlet...all fantasy - also a way to build up ego and self esteem - to make her feel good about herself. You know, being married with 2 kids can sort of make a woman feel real unsexy at times. I'm not saying that men don't feel the same in relationships, but usually a woman will not stray when the man she is with represents not just a good friend to her, a good husband to her, a good father to the kids, but he also a fantastic lover to help her forget she's a "mom" and "wife".

I would have to say that if things are truly blissful on all fronts and your sex life is frequent and wonderful, then perhaps she needs to seek out therapy for a chat addiction that involves the feeling she gets when she's talking sexually with strange men online - in order to discover why it is that she's seeking such attention and trying to sabatoge her marriage.

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