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I'm not sure if what I feel is some sort of subconcious jealousy or if there really is a problem. My fiance has two brothers and 2 sisters. His parents are divorced. His younger sister (22) and two kids, and younger brother (20) still live with his mom. His younger brother got a job where he needed a car to get there, so his mom gave him her car. Every time his mom needed a car to go somewhere, she would call us to borrow our car and my fiance would give it to her. I can't understand why she didn't call her other son and get her OWN car back! This happened on a number of occasions. Also, we told his mom don't let younger brother drive this car (he's been in many accidents) and she said she would not, but later we found she lied and he did drive it. She seems to call my fiance and his older brother whenever she needs something. From fixing her house to taking out the Christmas tree to moving furniture to borrowing money, it seems that the only time she calls is when she needs something. She rarely calls to ask how we are feeling. We are trying to save for our wedding and a house and my fiance's credit isn't the best. When his younger brother needed a co-signer for a car loan, his mom told him to ask my fiance. My fiance was very mad about this and when he confronted her about it, she couldn't understand why he wouldn't do it. When I tell my fiance she is being irrational, he gets mad at me and asks why I am so jealous of his mother. He rarely disagrees with her and will do anything for her no matter how bad or mad it makes him feel. I can't even get him to do some of the things she can. Do you think I am just jealous, or is there a problem? I have been struggling with myself over this for the past few months. My fiance and I are constantly fighting about this. Please help!

Ps - Regardless, I have a great relationship with his mother.

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