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first ,excuse me for my long story and my bad English :)
5 months ago , I've met a guy accidentally in a chat room , who was in the same university that i'm , and when i said i'm studying Computer eng. he said the girl ....(he gave my specifications) is the most beautiful girl in u'r major , and then i told him that girl is me . then he bumped into me in the uni and we talked and then chatted (online) EVERY night and we had many things in common and we met eachother (dated) in the uni a few times , but not seriously involved . after 1 month I asked him if he has a girlfriend and he told me yes! , a gf of 1 year and he likes her and she is so nice and that he wanted to tell me this sooner. i was so upset cuz i already begin to like him so much , however , the next night i told him (in chat) that i didn't want to talk with him or see him any more , but to my surprise , he said that he liked me so much and he was been thinking about me me all day long all these days and asked whether i will marry!!! him ? .... (not seriously cuz we are both 19!) but i accepted to continue chatting and dating. then he told me HIS GF is going to leave him and he don't like him that much any more. this summer ,he went to europe for about 1.5 months , and he called me EVERY day and we chatted (by internet) about 2-3 hours daily , and i started ignoring his gf .when he came back , we dated 1 time , and he was GREAT , but the second time , he was SO COLD and VERY upset. SO THAT while we were leaving the coffeeshop i asked him , "u don't want us to date any more , no?" and he said : how could u understand that?!!! , and that it's because he's afraid if his gf understands it. anyway , i changed my phone number and i did't call him any more. 1 month later , he send me a message when i was online and told me that he loved me and he had JUST said he wanted to eliminate "going out" from our relationship (cuz his gf will understand) and he wanted me to go to his house instead. i told him a definite NO and that he wanted me just for sex! (he is REALLY not such guy) , and he became SOOOOOOO angry and told me that he loved me and just because of me , he hasn't touched his gf for 5 months and...... anyway ,now the new semester has begun and i see him frequently and we have eyecontats but we keep ignoring eachother. now i'm missing him so much cuz he was PERFECT , wonderful and very sweet . and I'm SURE that he truly liked me (I don't know if he still does). is this a good idea to call him and ask for continuing our relationship? .... he has told me SEVERAL times that he loves me but he just CAN'T leave his gf cuz "she will DIE if he do so" and he wanted me to give him time for leaving her .
Thank u all for replying .
chinchilla , I totally agree with u.
But I should confess somethings :
1. One of the reasons I want him so much , is that he was ALWAYS complimenting on me in striking and breathtaking words (he is no doubt a poet)"AND" ALSO he talked about what other guys in the university think or say about me , and that how famous I've been among them and so and know, I think I am self confident enough , but hearing those SHOCKING words from a handsome guy is not what every girl could ignore!
when he contacted me after that date , he told me "U can never even imagine what u've done to me in these 26! days , just pray and pray that God forgive u!!"

2.About his gf , I know she likes him so much , cuz she have been trying to contact me SEVERAL times with anonymous Yahoo id's . She had seen my ID in his friendlist (he had told her I'm a formal friend of his) and then she started asking about me from my classmates and searching for a photo of me. Once , she chatted with me with a male ID and asked me again and again if I liked any guy in the uni ,and I said no . She said :"u really don't know how much happy u made me!" ("HE" has told me all these ,cuz she had told him about her investigations! about me).
Anyway , I don't think THEIR relationship depends on OUR relationship any more ,cuz once he's cheated on her ,it won't work regardless my presence.
3. My main concern is that after about 1 month , does he still likes me? ... will things like that happen again? .... to mention , it was not his first time! that changed 180 degrees . once when he was in Europe ,SUDDENLY he left me a message and told that he agrees with me that we don't have a chance! (yes , i told him that many times but just b/c of his gf) , but after then he said 100 times that he was regretful and he had told this because "I showed no JEALOUSY! towards other girls if they like him!!!!" (I don't remember any ,except his gf) and it made him SO DEPPRESSED!

I am confused , b/c I don't know if he is too "boyish" and naive (as i feel) or he is a jerk!?
He is handsome ,rich ,fun ,and has never touched me (just gazing like crazy), so I don't know WHY ON EARTH he might have told me lies about liking me?!!!
When I ADVISED him to stay with his gf , he told me he should have told me LIES in order to have me , not to be so HONEST! , and that leaving his gf suddenly is not moral.
I honestly don't care about his having a gf , cuz I don't think about him for my future (he's a cheater anyway)..."SO" ,1.Is it ok to stay with a guy just for hearing sweet words and having fun? .... 2.Is it possible that he rejects being my friend (he became MAD when i told him he wants me for sex , and he keeps ignoring me in the uni) ? I am NOT looking for a relationship right now , but I'm SURE I won't find a guy as sweet as him ANY MORE!

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