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Tiggydunc I'm glad you are both getting over your bickering so quickly. I however agree with the first poster - make sure they don't end up in your resentment piggy bank as things have with me. Building resentment is a sign that your needs are not being met or that you are not being heard. No matter how small an issue might seem to other people, if it's hurting you or your partner then it's doing damage to your relationship.

Either just be comfortable with the fact that you bicker a lot or start coming up with win-win solutions on issues that you repeatedly lock horns over. For instance my husband gets very cranky at me when we go out somewhere nice and I want to have lunch there, because when he's finished eating he hates sitting waiting for me to finish (of all the horrible crimes it seems that I'm apparently a "slow eater" LOL). So what I did was say "I am GOING to have lunch there. I regard having lunch out as being part of a good day out. Why don't you go and do this task while I'm eating?" - (a task that he was going to do there anyway). That strategy worked like a charm and it has been employed on other occasions since.

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