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bmurf.....I went through the same thing. My dh and I got married after our daughter turned 1mo old. I was always in my pjs and I was lucky to get a bath that day. I too am of hispanic origin. I used to weigh 127 before I got pregnant. I had my first child and gained a lot of weight but was able to lose some of it. I was at 147 when I found out I was prego again. I really blossomed during that time. I was huge. I am weighing 158 now and I am fighting the weight like crazy. Before I got the urge to do this...I suffered from post partum depression. Because of this I started craving sweets like crazy. I would eat like a pig and I did not care how I looked. It was pretty scary. I started getting chest pains and went to see the dr. I thought it was anxiety and nothing came back. He did blood work and it turned out I was suffering from hypothyroidism. I was gaining weight(180) and I was depressed. I had no will power to go anywhere. I stayed at home and did nothing. I was always too tired and moody. Since then I have balanced my thyroid and have been taking my vitamins(not just a multi) and t-roid meds and I feel so much better. I take baths everynight and I am cleaning my house the way it should be cleaned. I feel happier and I am losing weight finally. My kids and my dh are very happy now. I will say dh was very patient with me. I just got sick and tired of feeling like this. This was no way to live. I made myself change. Some women develop problems with their thyroid after childbirth(as in my case). Your wife could be dealing with that and post partum or just post partum alone. I would take all the sweets out of the house completely and just monitor her. She does need help but be careful how you approach it. Ask her how she is feeling. Does she need a break from everything? Does she think she may be suffering from mild post partum depression? Is she happy with herself? It took me 2yrs to overcome this so try your best to be patient with her. I remember being real sensitive to everything. My poor dh went through a lot. Even sex went to a hault. Now we are back to normal again. :) Just hang in there and keep us posted. We are willing to help you out.-Roni

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