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It depends if the good looking person is insecure. I have dated several, and they still needed that validation from every woman who crossed their path--it did'nt matter how good looking or ugly the women were...

I did once date a very nice man who resembled Tom Cruise (I realize none of you know me but it's the TRUTH...) It was also around the time that Top Gun had come out, and he had a similar leather jacket and motorcycle, just like the ones in the movie.
His job required that he travel. When we were out together, women gawked at him and some actually came up and asked me if he were my boyfriend... I did not continue to date him because I figured that women probably reacted in the same way when he was out of town as well, and this visual did'nt sit well with me... guess I was the insecure one that time and never really gave him the chance to prove me wrong!


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