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Wow! Your boyfriend sounds just like my EX boyfriend! I'm in the position of that ex-girlfriend you mentioned and have often wondered who will have the "pleasure" of dating him next, and if he'll remain faithful to her even after all the crap he put me through (multiple women, but perfect explanations and lies...).

If I were you, I would consider this guy a landmine. Side-step it and find something else. First of all, trusting your instincts is fabulous advice-- something I wish I had done and will never ignore again. Secondly, he may be being faithful to you now, but there's a GREAT chance he'll fall back into his habitual patterns. I think chronic cheating reveals something wrong with the individual, not the couple, and unless he's been through a lot of therapy to clean up his act and has sworn to you his devout change, then I would be wary...

And that's assuming he's not cheating on you now-- what if you get married to him and continue having this doubts? Or he regresses back into cheating, but you've taken a vow to stand by his side? If you can't trust the other person in the relationship (and you have good reason not to), then you really shouldn't be in it. Relationships are all about trust.

Easier said than done, but I would definitely get out now before it gets too deep. We all deserve something stable, consistent, and healthy, and when it starts looking like it isn't going to be that way, then it's time to move on...

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