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[quote]Originally posted by noelwr:
[b]Hey, we're not mind readers. Instead of asking us, why don't you ask HIM?[/b][/quote]

I would have asked him but right before I gave him my answer he said "if this would be any stress or confusing or a hassle I suggest saying no".
So if I were to have asked him he would have thought I was stressing over it and said forget it.
I know its not my personality as he has said in the past that I was attractive but didn't have any personality.
So maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing but I don't know why a guy would offer to buy an expensive dress and shoes for a girl that he is not interested in romantically or in any other way.I mean why would a guy go all out and do that for a girl he cares nothing about simply because he needs a date for an event?

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