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Ok, here's the long story in a nutshell [yeah this is the small version unfortunatly].

June 5th, August 2002, my girlfriend went to England to visit her brother stationed in the air force. While over there, she went to a club, and basically met a guy at a club while she was dancing - started making out, he asked her if she wanted to go somewhere less crowded, so they went into the women's bathroom, and basically "heavy petting" happened [no oral sex or anything, just feeling up and down]. She came home June 20th and right away I knew something was wrong when she was in the van on the way home telling us all [her family and I] about her trip, and when she got to the part about the club, she kinda skipped over that and was like "Yeah..." as if she had remembered a good memory - but didn't explain anything more than "I went to a club thursday."

So I went to her house and asked her if anything happened, she told me she kissed a guy and that was it, and I was pissed about that already but I forgave her cause she said she was sorry. But I left her house early that night and went home, and when we talked that night on the phone it took from 11:30 PM - 4:40 AM for her to admit what she did to me. I basically interogated her because I knew something was wrong, so finally she spilled the beans. I told her don't talk to me ever again.

So she calls the next day, and I'm still sore about it but the idiot that I am, I forgave her, and said lets try to work it out. Well, then the following October she goes to this Halloween party in michigan, and it was her best friend Mellissa's party, and Mel's boyfriend at the time drove anne up there since Anne didn't want to drive by herself [anne being my girlfriend]. So I was like whatever have fun, I had to work then so I couldn't go.

Well, now, basically a year later, I got on yahoo messenger and someone added me to their buddy list called "Seerofallthings2003". I denied his request to add me to their list and replied "Please tell me who you are before you go adding me to your friends list". He replies saying "I know Anne, and I know some stuff she's done that you may or may not want to know." - so I figured it might have been one of Anne's friends not wanting to be known trying to tell me about England. So I asked them, what has Anne supposably done? And they said she's had sex with someone - and it was recently. So immediately, I flipped.

I asked all my friends online, hey, do you know seerofallthings2003? Etc.. until finally Bruce gets online [Melissa's boyfriend]. They've been broken up for about 5 months now, so I message him, "Hey, do you know who this person is" and told them what they said to me. He told me it could be one of melissa's friends. I was confused, and he said "I swore never to tell you this, but Anne and I did some stuff". So he basically goes on to tell me Anne gave Bruce head. So, I immediately laughed because Anne always says "Oh Bruce is ugly and fat" blah blah.. and he is not attractive at all, and is overweight, so I figured thats how she saw him.

So I called Anne, asked her if this was true and she said "No - I don't know why hes feeding you this bull ****". So I believed her, and got back online. My friend Erin told me I should call Melissa. So I called her, and immediately after I told her about telling bruce about this guy IMing me, she said "Did that little **** tell you what happened up here? [in michigan]." So she was VERY reluctant to tell me what happened - but I forced it out of her telling her it was very vital that I know, so she confirmed it. Saying that she witnessed it, everyone was drunk at the time except Anne herself [ironically]. So I called Anne and she said "No - I don't know why they are feeding you this bull****, maybe they are trying to break us up and have been planning this for a while or something." So I believed her, again, until I got online again and talked to my friend Erin.

Erin tells me that I should call Melissa and have her go on 3-way calling with Anne so I can trap Anne into saying it so I can hear it and have proof. So I call Melissa, and she told me Anne just called her, and asked why is she telling me this - that Melissa and Bruce swore never to tell me because of what would happen. So I called Anne back and I asked her if she called Melissa recently, and right away I knew she was lieing because she goes, "Mellissa?" - when they answer a question with a question, especially when its an EASY question, you know they're lieing.. so it turns out she asked Mellissa to lie to me and tell me "it was just a joke me and bruce have been planning, don't get all worked up" or something. Melissa didnt' tell me that, Anne did. So.. I had Anne meet me at this point [1AM] at walmart, and we broke it up. I asked her how can she easily lie to me and cheat on me like this and wait THIS LONG and sleep at night? And she said she was sorry, and cried, and bawled, etc, and I just said sorry we're through.

Well, the next day we were suppose to go to this fair together with Hot Air Balloons and I went anyway and saw Anne there - so naturally we sticked together and hung out. (Mind you, We've been together 3 years on October 27th, 2003 so I'm really attached). We weren't dating, infact she hardly talked to me cause she knew what she did was wrong. She told me it was unfair that I was there cause all she wants to do is just hug me and tell me sorry, and go home that night and cuddle like we did almost every night I had off work.. and now at this point she couldn't, so that night I went home with her and we talked about it and I basically just wanted to forgive her and forget about it, and sleep and cuddle with her, and see if it felt the same. And when I woke up that morning, it was like every other morning we cuddled together except for the fact of I couldn't stop thinking about what she did. So now, we're at this point - 3 or so weeks later from that day, and I readded "Seerofallthings2003" to my yahoo friends list, asking him what he knows and how and who he is and told him I'm giving him 1 chance to tell me.

Turns out hes friends with a cousin of Luke, who is Anne's friend Kathleen's current boyfriend, and claims that he was talking to luke's cousin online and his cousin said "I just got off the phone with Luke, I interupted Anne and him having sex, oops" and he tried real hard to find my screenname to contact me about it. So now, I have to confront Anne AGAIN about THIS... and I'm about sick of it. Not to mention, Anne has two brothers in the service, one in the air force and one in the army, and the one in the army got back from Iraq and has pictures of who he killed and Anne is INTERESTED by these! I'm so disturbed by THIS fact, because now she had the nerve to ask me if they could use my computer to download this video off his digital camera of "What he's done over there" and I said "Does it involve seeing people get killed" and she said yes.. so I said no, and we argued and my point is, you shouldn't WANT to see people die, the stories should be ENOUGH! I told her that's absolutely disturbing and if she considers herself a christian (which I am too) then she should pray about why she believes all this.

PLEASE I need advice, I'm SOOO sorry that I typed all of this but I need some experienced people to give me advice. I'm only 19 and live in ohio and I'm sure you guys will help me out. Thanks a TON

"I will write of him who fights and vanquishes his sins, who struggles on through weary years against himself... and wins." -Caroline B. LeRow

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