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A bit of background...

Im 18 and The last relationship(my first relationship) I was in ended with him saying "Im just not ready for a girlfriend" and when I asked him if he even liked me as a girlfriend when we were together he said no and that hurt really bad.That was my first broken heart and man did it ever hurt.I also asked him what exactly it was when we were together and he said "I dunno...having fun" This killed me because I liked him.

Anyways...The relationship Im in now (have been for two months) is going so good.If you read my post "Is this a good thing?" Youlll know what Im talking about.
Theres only one problem with it,well,not the relationship but me.I keep thinking that he will do the same thing to me as the other boyfriend did.Just break up with me out of the blue for no reason and I get really worried thinking about it.He has done NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING to make me think that he will do it,hes been perfect to me.But because of the last relationship,I think Im traumatized in a way and Im keeping a wall up so that I wont be hurt again.I really wanna give this guy all I have but I cant with this worrying.I dont worry 24/7 or anything like that but I do do it sometimes and I do it pretty intensly when I do.I dont know if I should tell himabout these feelings cuz I dont want him to think Im wacked or something...What should I do to rid myself of these doubts?

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