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Dude, be very blunt with her...sit her down so that your both not distracted and tell her exactly what you just told us - that she's too obsessed over your ex's...explain AGAIN that every one has a past and you feel like she's punihsing you for something that neither she nor you had any control over. Tell her that you understand she is curious, but she's the one your with and quite frankly if she continues to bring up things that are not relavant in your relationship currently, that this will force you to pull away from her. Tell her that she needs to realize that her own insecurities are causing this anger she's feeling and she's taking it out on you...if it continues to escalate, you won't want to deal with it anymore. Sometimes women need to get reality knocked into them. Chances are she may have done this same thing to a previous boyfriend, (or perhaps will do it again to future boyfriends) and she needs to be told that this she's sabatoging herself with these obsessive thoughts. She's got low self esteem and that's why she does it - she's afraid of losing you. Just have the heart to heart talk, be honest so that you won't feel like your giving too much into the relationship and she's taking too much from it, and remember to compliment her and give her a lot of intimacy to build up the low self esteem. Good luck.

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