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I was in a bad marriage for 11 years (we dated for 4) with a controlling, bi-polar physician that had a huge "God complex". He was 10 years my senior but acted like a spoiled brat most of the time. We had three beautiful little girls that he only paid attention to when it was convienant for him. I finally got our of the marriage at 32 and since I had met my husband at 18 had very little experience at dating or relationships.

The very first date I ever went on after my divorce (we meet in our kids karate class) was with a man I am still seeing almost eight years later. We broke up for a couple of years in between becuase we both needed to grow up a little, but always ended up back together. He is kind, handsome, generous, a fabulous lover and basically treats me like a princess without being a pushover. I am the envy of all my freinds, and rightfully so. We both take our relationship very seriously and give it 100 percent. In eight year together he has never raised his voice to me or called me a name, something my ex did constantly. Part of our successfull relationship is that we don't see each other every day, sometimes only twice a week so we never take each other for granted and are thrilled to see each other when we do get together.

We spend every other weekend (when we don't have kids) totally focused on each other. He is a very busy and successful attorney with a large firm but on our days together on on vacation his job is second and I am first. I am so lucky to have him and want everyone to know that women will attract what they think they deserve.

After my disasterous first marriage I decided I deserved to be treated with love and respect and rejected anyone who did not follow suit. I am considered extremely attractive and am very fit so I have never had problems getting male attention. BUt you have to have the right attention. Sorry I am rambeling I just feel blessed and want others to know you can find true love.

People always ask why we don't get married.. but we don't see why we need to know, Maybe when the kids are grown but he lives a few miles from me and I am afraid things may change if I become his wife instead of his girlfriend. He still "dates" me now...

HOld out ladies, it will be well worth it when you find the right one.

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