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"Can anyone tell me what the big deal is here?"

The only 'big deal' I see, is the one you're making over this.
His defensiveness clearly indicates this is a touchy situation, and one he doesn't care to discuss with you.
Perhaps a less than ideal mother-son relationship and even some bad blood between them. It doesn't're his g/f...the point is, it's really none of your business. And no, you DON'T have a 'right to know'..

You can wonder about the juicy details...but, pressing him about when you'll be having 'dinner for 3' (most likely, to placate you) to quell your growing curiosity, is bound to be turning him off.

If you really care about him, then drop it, completely.
He'll give you details when he's good and ready..which I imagine will be alot sooner, if you'll 'pretend' to forget about it.

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