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Hey dsheldon,

I know how you feel exactly!

When my boyfriend broke up with me I really didnt think I would ever recover and be able to love anyone ever again. I cried for a very very very very long time and I couldnt eat or sleep and when I did manage to get a few z's in I would always wake uo crying hysterically. I took the break up do bad. I would just sit at home and cry,I had an empty feeling deep down that I didnt think would ever go away. I had so many questions I wanted to ask him,so many answers I needed,I was literally torturing myself with thoughts of "what if i would have done this or that? i not good enough?....if i was prettier or skinner would he have made the same choice?...." So many questions that I asked myself over and over again,my mind was like a racetrack constantly.I didnt wanna be alone cuz I just couldnt deal with the pain.Id start crying all the time..


But you know what? I got over it!! I forced myself to. I decided that I wasnt going to let this be the end of me. So you know what I did? I got on with my life! I didnt want to go out and do anything but I forced myself too.Id go and hang out with my friends and even if I did cry the whole time :) at least I was still making an effort to get on with it.

I t was so hard,everything reminded me of him and ALL the songs on the radio were reminders of him and what we had,It was so hard. All the places we went together I had to go back and it hurt cuz I had memories with him there but once I went back,I made new memories and slowly I started to forget about him.It did take a while and I did alot of writing at the time "The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one's life."
-- Dalai Lama...thats a good quote to describe it cuz thats what I was feeling (got that quote from someone on here..)

I can honestly say now (6 months later) Iam completely over him and Ive also realized that he broke up with me because of something that was HIS problem..NOT MINE! I did blame myself for a long time but now I know that there was nothing I could have done to save the relationship,It was HIS desciscion and thats too bad cuz hes really missing out.

Dont be sad cuz of what happened,you were just a victim of his immature descisions,YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! Dont blame yourself.

Just take this as a learning experience,take from it what you can..

But dont lose yourself in it.

Writing down what you feel and poems and just anything your thinking helps a heck of alot,I know it did for me.I wrote for hours and hours and looking back,I d say its some of my best work.

I really didnt think I d ever find anyone else,I was so saddend by that but I did find and awesome awesome guy and hes 100 times better than the last one.And to think! I never thought I would ever find anyone else! :nono:

So go out,have fun...I know it hurts,but you will get over it.He obviously wasnt the one for you and thats ok..YOU GOTTA SLAY A FEW DRAGONS BEFORE YOU GET THE PRINCESS ;)

Take care of yourself.



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