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Quote: [B]Do men want a girl that will give up her dreams? Do men want easy girls who want to sleep with men the first day (he told me this) and will move in when they barely know them? If that is what men expect of women, count me out![/B]

All I can speak of is for myself and for the guys I've known well (who tend to be college-educated professionals) and I can say that neither of these two qualities would be considered desirable in a long-term partner. For one thing, guys usually end up liking girls who make them wait rather those who give it up on the first date. And I don't know why any intelligent, educated man would want to be with a woman who can't make her own decisions and have her own life. In fact, that's what turned me off about my ex-girlfriend. She was an extremely dependent person to the point that our lives were becoming totally enmeshed and it was hard to get any space.

So I don't really know where your ex-boyfriend is coming from. Most guys I know would disagree with him on both counts.

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