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i call it the curse of the nice guy, i have it too. i hav a lot of female friends and they all say that i'm the nicest person they know and yet not one of them is my girlfriend. and a couple of them i've had crushes on. they tell me i'm different than most guys.

it's nice because they see me as someone they can come to for anything, the amount of conversations i sat through about their b/fs and the crappy things they did. and also their parents would let them go out with me and didn't worry, cuz they wouldn't let them go out with anybody else alone. and the thing is their parents hardly know me, it's like they could sense that i'm a nice guy.

i came to the US to study in august, hoping that i could get away from the curse, but it followed me here too...damn. now i hav a handful of female friends who think i'm the sweetest person and the one who i do have a crush on says that she loves me but not that way...ahhhhh! i don't get it, i'm not a bad looking guy, a little skinny, but i'm good looking.

it's a curse and a blessing. ppl tell me have patience and they'll see that i've been there all along. and i've seen it start to happen..sort of. there's a girl that i had a crush on and she turned me down for well "the jerk". but we became really close friends and since i've been away she's been hinting how much she misses me and stuff. she's always been telling me what a great boyfriend i would be, but yet she's not with me...the curse. i'm hoping to start something with her when i go home for christmas..i'm not into having a long distance relationship but i'll see what happens.

good luck to u.....u shouldn't change who r by the way, like the previous posters said, girls go for the bad guys for the excitement but they'll fall in love with the nice if we nice guys hav to finish last atleast we'll finish happy

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